Cleveland Indians: Orlando Cabrera Shouldn’t Be a Roadblock for Jason Kipnis (5.9.11)

16 Nov

If you haven’t seen the movie Juno or just want to miss my awesome metaphor, feel free to skip the next four paragraphs.

If you have, then let’s go for a ride.

In the movie, Jason Bateman plays Mark, the husband of Vanessa (Jennifer Garner). These two are adopting Juno’s (Ellen Page) baby and seem like the perfect couple. Throughout the movie, I thought that Mark was so cool. He’s into some really cool music, toured with his band and owns an awesome guitar. Juno is just as taken with him as I was the first couple of times I watched the movie.

As the movie progresses, Mark becomes disenchanted with the idea of being a father and leaves Vanessa. At first, I didn’t really blame Mark. He wanted to chase his dreams and it seemed that Vanessa was forcing her dreams upon him.

The next few times watching the movie, though, I realized how ridiculous Mark was being.

Sure, Mark had all the intangibles, but deep down, he was just a bad person. Something there just wasn’t right and all the chic attributes in the world weren’t going to fix things.

I feel the same way about Orlando Cabrera.

I was against the Indians signing Cabrera when I thought we didn’t have a real chance at competing this year. Luckily for us Tribe fans, we’re in first place and making some real noise and Orlando Cabrera has been a large part of it.

The biggest thing that Cabrera has brought to the Tribe this year is his winning attitude. His presence in the clubhouse has gotten the Indians believing in themselves and always thinking they can come from behind and win it.

That said, the Indians need to not fall in love with Orlando Cabrera. Like Jason Bateman in Juno, he’s got all the intangibles in the world, but he’s also a 36-year-old middle infielder starting to see his skills fade. Read More…

From Bleacher Report, May 9, 2011

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