MLB Free Agency 2012: Could the Cleveland Indians Sign Prince Fielder? (9.18.11)

16 Nov

With Prince Fielder making headlines for saying he doesn’t expect to return to Milwaukee next year, the hunt is on to figure out where Fielder is going to land. The usual suspects (the Red Sox and the Yankees) are set at first base and DH, making the picture a little harder to discern.

MLB Trade Rumors has the CardinalsBrewersRangersDodgers and Cubs as the favorites for Prince’s final destination, and I can’t argue with that logic. I can say, however, that a dark horse could easily emerge late (a la the Phillies and Cliff Lee) and steal Fielder away at the final moment.

What if that team is the Cleveland Indians?

Before you scoff and close this web page, hear me out. The argument against the Indians having any chance at signing Fielder is payroll. The five/six-year, $150/$180 million contract Fielder is expected to sign doesn’t seem to fit into the small-market payroll of the Indians. A closer look at the Tribe’s payroll, however, can make things look better. Read More…

From Bleacher Report, September 18, 2011

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