MLB Preview 2012: Comparing the Cleveland Indians to the New-Look Detroit Tigers (2.1.12)

16 Nov

While the Detroit Tigers‘ signing of Prince Fielder last week definitely struck a blow to the Cleveland Indians‘ chances of contending in 2012, all is not lost if you look at the tale of the tape.

Lost in all the Fielder-Detroit hype is how little of an effect one player has on a baseball team’s whole season. The best players are only worth around six or seven wins more than your average Joe Nobody doing time at Triple-A. Plus, considering that Fielder is replacing Victor Martinez in the Tigers lineup—a very good hitter in his own right—the return is even less.

The signing was definitely a short-sighted move that will help now and hurt later, but right now, who cares about 2018? The Indians made their own splash last year trading for Ubaldo Jimenez, effectively putting them in win-now mode, same as the Tigers. So, let’s look at how these two teams stack up going into 2012. Read More…

From Bleacher Report, February 1, 2012

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