Golden Flashes football team turning around abysmal history (11.1.12)

17 Nov

Last year’s team enjoyed some success, winning four of its last five games to finish 5-7. The finish was nice, but I wonder how many people realized it happened.

Even though I follow sports regularly, I could not have told you the team finished near a .500 record before looking it up. On campus, it seems to be assumed that the football program will not have much success.

In years past, I walked down the esplanade in front of the MACC, watching student after student decline the free tickets being given away to the football game that Saturday. Actually, “tickets” were not being given away; students were walking away from reminders that they are admitted free to games.

Students willfully ignored the football games despite not having to pay a penny to go to the game.

So few people showed up to the games that the university instituted the “90Ksu: Everyone Counts” campaign in an attempt to stay above NCAA attendance requirements and avoid being dropped out of the top NCAA class.

What a difference a year makes. Read More…

From Daily Kent Stater, November 1, 2012

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