How I Met Your Aeros: Preston Guilmet (8.2.12)

17 Nov

When you think of impact relievers, power pitchers like Mariano Rivera and Aroldis Chapman are the typical names that come to mind. Typically, fans hold up these shutdown flamethrowers as the gold standard of the bullpen.

Unfortunately, the Riveras and Chapmans of the world are few and far between. Most relief pitchers have to find a way to get people out without the best stuff. It may not be sexy, but there are far more Preston Guilmets in baseball than Mariano Riveras.

Guilmet, who is having a lights-out year for the Akron Aeros this year, pitches from a straight over the top armslot. As in, if you imagine a clock over Guilmet’s figure on the mound, he’s coming at you from 12 o’clock sharp. Most pitchers have at least some sort of a three-quarters motion, but Guilmet’s unique form is something that just became natural to him. Read More…

From Indians Prospect Insider, August 2, 2012

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