How I Met Your Aeros: Tyler Holt (7.14.12)

17 Nov

As the new guy in Akron Aeros’ locker room, outfielder Tyler Holt knows his place. “The guys are older, and things are a lot different here as in you do your own business and stay to yourself, he said. “You don’t want to come in here and try to break up or distract anyone that has their routine, so I’m just trying to get a feel for those guys and how things are done here and obviously follow by example.”

Holt may be minding his manners in the locker room, but if he’s not careful, his play will start distracting his teammates. His raw stats still leave some to be desired (.261/.348/.336 slash line between Carolina and Akron), but Holt always leaves it all out on the field.

A lot of players get in trouble for trying to do too much, but Holt is trying to learn not to beat himself and to let his natural talent win out. “I’m so emotionally into the game and wear my emotions on my sleeve,” he said. “I have to work on controlling that to a certain extent and showing the positive side more than the negative. I think I’ve been doing a better job of that and the team feeds off that.” Read More…

From Indians Prospect Insider, July 14, 2012

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