Ranking the 2012 Cleveland Indians’ Roster, Part 1 (10.29.12)

17 Nov

Now that the season is over and we all have had some time to digest everything that happened, it is time to roll out my rankings of the Cleveland Indians’ roster.

If you have read the previous editions of these rankings (before the year, at the 40-game mark, at the All-Star Break, and in late-August), you know that this is no easy task. There is no easy way to compare a hitter who only had a few at-bats to a starting pitcher who struggled all year, but I am going to attempt to do it anyway.

Going into these rankings, know that I tend to favor players with more playing time than those whose playing time was limited. The rationale for this is that if a major league team has chosen to give this player significant action, it must value him on some level.

Basically, if the Indians keep running a player out there, despite what the statistics available to me say, they must know something I do not. I find it hard to believe the front office is incompetent (despite what some may think) and defer to them.

With that introduction complete, it is time to move on to the rankings. Today’s rankings will cover the bottom half of the 48 players who appeared in a game for Cleveland, with the top half coming out later this week. Read More…

From Indians Prospect Insider, October 29, 2012

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