(10.16.13) The IBI Awards: Least Valuable Hitter

04 Nov

The 2013 season proved quite successful for Cleveland as the team completed a 24-win turnaround and made the playoffs with a 92-70 record.

As a part of recapping the year that was, IBI is once again giving out some year-end awards. Unlike last year, we will be focusing only on Cleveland-centric awards. Today we unveil IBI’s Least Valuable Hitter:

Rank Name Points
1 Asdrubal Cabrera 48
2 Lonnie Chisenhall 31
3 Drew Stubbs 29
4 Mark Reynolds 25
5 Michael Bourn 18
6 Mike Aviles 15
7 Jason Giambi 7
8 Jason Kubel 4
9 Nick Swisher 3

Here is where he start to have some fun with the definition of “valuable.” I decided to take it in a straightforward way as in who were the five worst players who logged significant time for the team. To do that I used my end of the season rankings from earlier in the month.

Which is why I did not vote for Cabrera.

Now I was the only one, but I stand by my vote. I put Reynolds first as Cleveland actually cut him midseason. I also voted for Giambi (I know there we not high expectations for him, but he still posted a .183/.282/.371 line in 216 plate appearances), Aviles, Stubbs, and Chisenhall in that order. The rationale is in the piece, but in the end, Cabrera did well down the stretch (110 wRC+ in September and October) and ended the year with a surprisingly decent line (.242/.299/.402 line, 95 wRC+).

Here’s what the rest of IBI thinks: Read More…

From Indians Baseball Insider, October 16, 2013

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