The IBI Awards: Best New Addition (10.20.13)

04 Nov

The 2013 season proved quite successful for Cleveland as the team completed a 24-win turnaround and made the playoffs with a 92-70 record.

As a part of recapping the year that was, IBI is once again giving out some year-end awards. Unlike last year, we will be focusing only on Cleveland-centric awards. Today we unveil IBI’s Best New Addition:

Rank Name Points
1 Yan Gomes 39
2 Terry Francona 30
3 Nick Swisher 28
4 Scott Kazmir 23
5 Ryan Raburn 15
6 Danny Salazar 11
7 Mickey Callaway 9
T-8 Michael Bourn 7
T-8 Jason Giambi 7
10 Bryan Shaw 5
11 Mike Aviles 3
T-12 Drew Stubbs 1
T-12 Marc Rzepczynski 1
T-12 Trevor Bauer 1

When I sent the ballots out, I did not specify if coaches were eligible for this category (because I had not really thought about it). If I had specified, I think Francona would have ran away with this award.

As it is, even unclear rules could not keep him from making his presence felt. Much like how Francona made his presence felt throughout the 2013 season.

There is no way to measure everything a manager does for a team and quantify it. Most managers are competent in one way or another (typically they are either a good manager of players behind the scenes and bad at in-game decisions, or vice versa). The ones that are good both at the people skills and at making decisions on the field are rare and special. Despite some shortcomings in decision-making that we all second-guessed this year, I believe Francona is great at both.

Things changed when Francona signed on last offseason (and again when he hired Callaway as his pitching coach). For that reason, he got my top vote.

Gomes, Callaway, Swisher, and Raburn rounded out my ballot.

Here’s what the rest of IBI thinks: Read More…

From Indians Baseball Insider, October 20, 2013

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