The WAR Room: The 2013 Carolina and Lake County hitters (5.4.14)

24 May

For one final time, The WAR Room will bring you the advanced statistics from the 2013 season. Starting next week, we will begin evaluating the 2014 stats, as at that point the number of games played will be enough to yield useful stats.

For reference on how I computed WAR, a reminder on the problems inherent in the stats, and everything else you need to know, click here. For a refresher on WAR and what it is, click here.

As a reminder, a 0.0 WAR per 162 games is replacement level — otherwise known as the kind of performance an average player from the level below could offer — a 2.0 WAR per 162 games is average, and a 5.0 WAR per 162 games is All-Star level.

Also, the lack of good defensive metrics for the minor leagues means we have to adjust for a range of defensive abilities. To account for this, I will give you each player’s WAR with a qualifier: either poor-defense WAR for a poor defender (-10 runs below-average per 162 games), average-defense WAR for an average defender (0 runs per 162 games), or great-defense WAR for a great defender (10 runs above-average per 162 games).

But enough with the introduction. Below are the advanced statistics for the 2013 Carolina Mudcat and Lake County Captain hitters:

Wonderful Wendle

The best defense-neutral WAR in the whole system in 2013 belonged to second baseman Joe Wendle, who put up an elite 4.2 WAR in only 107 games. Wendle could have ended up even higher if he had not missed part of the season with an eye injury suffered on an errant grounder, though he still managed to finish first. Hitting in the pitcher-friendly Carolina League, Wendle posted a 143 wRC+ and 173 ISO+ while walking at an average rate and limiting strikeouts (100 BB%+, 86 K%+). Read More…

From Indians Baseball Insider, May 4, 2014

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