The WAR Room: 2014 Scrappers pitchers season in review (11.2.14)

02 Nov

The WAR Room is back again, bringing you the 2014 advanced stats for every Cleveland minor leaguer. With the minor league seasons at an end, we continue bringing you seasons in review, with today’s featuring the 2014 Mahoning Valley Scrappers pitchers.

The list of previous season in reviews are below:

Of course, it is always important to keep context in mind, just like with scouting. A pitcher who is old for his level using that experience to succeed against young, inexperienced hitters must be taken with a grain of salt; the same goes when looking at these WAR totals.

But it is a useful tool to put each player’s performance into context and look at where they sit in regard to the rest of the league.

For reference on how I computed WAR, a reminder on the problems inherent in the stats, and everything else you need to know, click here. For a refresher on WAR and what it is, click here.

As a reminder, a 0.0 WAR per 162 games is replacement level — otherwise known as the kind of performance an average player from the level below could offer — a 2.0 WAR per 162 games is average, and a 5.0 WAR per 162 games is All-Star level.

Also note that pitchers have FIP-based WAR — which is based on peripherals like strikeouts, walks, home runs, etc. — and RA-based WAR — which is based on runs allowed.

One more thing, all “+” stats are averaged at 100. Anything over 100, like 110, is higher and means that player is 10 percent better than the league average. Anything under 100, like 90, is lower and means that player is 10 percent worse than the league average. In the case of any “-” stats — when lower is better, like with ERA — a 90 ERA- means that player is 10 percent better than the league average.

Today we begin our look at the Mahoning Valley Scrappers with the pitchers before moving to the hitters next week. Keep in mind that for the short season leagues, the projection of each player features heavily into the equation, not just the raw stats. For the full stats, go ahead and click here.

Left-hander Sean Brady’s 14.5 percent strikeout rate (72 K%+) and 8.9 percent walk rate (116 BB%+) do not jump out as notable, yet the 20-year-old’s peripherals add together to a solid 3.79 FIP (107 FIP-) and 0.7 FIP-based WAR in 71.0 innings. While those are essentially average, where Brady really stood out in 2014 was in run prevention, as his 2.79 ERA (79 ERA-) and 1.6 RA-based WAR place the left-hander at an All-Star level performer in the New York-Penn League. Brady will need more strikeouts and fewer walks in order to keep up this level of performance, but at the very least, the left-hander’s level of performance in 2014 and projection are encouraging. Read More…

From Indians Baseball Insider, November 2, 2014

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