Crafting a three-team trade to bring Cespedes to Cleveland (12.2.14)

06 Dec

There has been no shortage of speculation this offseason on the availability of Boston Red Sox outfielder Yoenis Cespedes, both in the national media and on this site. But as of right now, it does not appear Cleveland and Boston line up as trade partners. The Red Sox are looking for star-level front-of-the-rotation starting pitching, the kind Cleveland does not have available to give up.

The thing is, though, that no contender that needs Cespedes has that to spare. That is what led to Fangraphs’ Dave Cameron (while writing for Just a Bit Outside) proposing a three-team trade involving the Washington Nationals and the Seattle Mariners.

Given Washington’s need for help at second base and Seattle’s middle infield depth, Cameron crafts a three-team trade that looks like this:

Seattle gets:

  • OF Yoenis Cespedes (from Boston)
  • 1B Mike Napoli (from Boston)

Washington gets:

Boston gets:

But while Cameron looks for a team with middle infield depth and arrives at Seattle, the readers of this site will likely come up with a different conclusion.

A certain team that plays at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario. Read More…

From Indians Baseball Insider, December 2, 2014

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