11 Jun

Welcome to another edition of IBI’s roster rankings! With the 2015 season about to get underway, join Jim Piascik as he runs down the Opening Day roster from #25 to #1.

To start off these rankings, the only players ranked are those who are breaking camp with the major league team. When these rankings are updated later in the season, they will include everyone who plays on the major league team. But for now, we are only going #25 through #1.

#25 Austin Adams, RHP

As the eighth reliever in the bullpen, Adams figures to be traveling up and down I-71 plenty this year. There is some upside in the right-hander and his big fastball, but expecting him to become a key cog in the bullpen out of the gate is likely aggressive.

#24 Ryan Raburn, OF

If Raburn sticks to recent form, since it is an odd year, he will be a valuable member of the team. Given his inconsistencies, the utility man is one of the hardest players to project in 2015. The best bet is to expect him to be roughly replacement level, though if Raburn rounds back into form, he could be a key right-handed bat off the bench. Read More…

From Indians Baseball Insider, April 6, 2015

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